How to make champurrado


One of the most typical Mexican accompaniments is the champurrado, a preparation prepared with water with vanilla, crushed corn and dark chocolate. This delight is originally a derivative of atole, a top drink both in Mexico and in other countries of Central America, which had been used in multiple ceremonies and rituals, given that it was considered a sacred drink. However, little by little it has moved away from its origin to be a hot accompaniment with its own life.

If you want to learn more about the Mexican gastronomy, do not forget to read the following recipe This time we explain how to make champurrado, a tasty proposal to accompany both savory dishes, such as tamale, or sweet options such as cookies. You sign up?

45 minutes Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • 1 cup and a half of cornmeal
  • 1 cup and a half brown sugar
  • 2 ounces of chocolate for desserts
  • Cinnamon
  • Water
  • Vanilla extract
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Prepare a traditional mexican champurrado It is very simple. There are some essential ingredients such as cornmeal or chocolate and others that can be added or not like milk. On this occasion we have opted for a basic recipe based on water, corn dough, brown sugar and chocolate to which we will add a touch of cinnamon and vanilla extract, optionally.


The first step to prepare a Mexican champurrado is to place water (about 8 cups, approximately) in a large pot and add three cinnamon sticks. Put the bowl on the fire and let the water boil and the cinnamon release all its aroma and essence.


While you have the water boiling over medium heat, pour 7 more cups of water in a blender and add the cornmeal. The goal is to get a homogeneous mixture of both ingredients, so blend until you notice that the dough has taken some body.


When you have the cornmeal and water based mixture ready, pass it through a sieve to remove any lumps. Then, put it in the pot that is in the fire with the water and the cinnamon stick.


At this point, let the mixture boils but over minimal heat. During this time (approximately 6 to 7 minutes), do not forget to remove the champurrado with a whisk, electric or manual wire, until the mixture is completely bound and has taken more body.


With the dough already thick it is time to add the sweet touch to the champurrado. Add a cup and a half of sugar, two ounces of pastry chocolate and a few drops of vanilla extract to give it a touch of unforgettable flavor.


With all the ingredients already in the pot, let the champurrado simmer for about 5 minutes, making sure that the chocolate is well melted and integrated into the dough. During this time, do not stop stirring the mixture to get the flavors to combine and offer you a delicious result.


Ready! You already have your traditional Mexican champurrado ready at your service. Remember to do it when it is very hot. To make the meal even more complete you can accompany it with salty options such as sour tamales, corn or the one you most want or with sweeter dishes such as vanilla cookies or cinnamon rolls. Ready to enjoy this Mexican delight? Enjoy your meal!


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