How to make vanilla and chocolate flan



The traditional recipe we know of flan It is the one made with egg, but it is not the only way we can enjoy this delicious dessert. And it can be prepared with many ingredients and even combining them to obtain a flan with two different flavors. In this recipe we show you, specifically, how to make vanilla and chocolate flan, What are you waiting to try it?

45 minutes Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • 1 l of milk
  • 8 eggs
  • 150 g of sugar
  • 200 g of chocolate to melt
  • vanilla
  • For caramel: 4 tablespoons of sugar and water
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The first step to do this homemade flan is to prepare the mixture of vanilla and chocolate. Start by placing a saucepan in the fire with the milk and vanilla essence, stir both ingredients and let it cook until it boils.


Once ready, turn off the heat and set aside. Chop the chocolate with the help of a knife and fuse it using the Maria bath technique or, if you prefer, in the microwave. When the chocolate has acquired a liquid consistency, you just have to add it to the saucepan next to the milk and the vanilla essence. Cook the vanilla and chocolate mixture again for 5 minutes over low heat while stirring it with a spoon so that it is well integrated and without lumps.


Take a pretty deep bowl and beat the eggs in it with some manual or electric rods. Then add sugar and chocolate and vanilla milk previously prepared, and continue beating until a homogeneous mixture is achieved. In case you want the flan to have a more intense aroma and flavor, you can add a little more vanilla essence.


Reserve the mixture of vanilla and chocolate flan, and prepare the Liquid candy. To do this, you only have to mix 4 tablespoons of sugar with a little water in a saucepan, place it on the fire and stir the mixture until it acquires the color and texture of liquid caramel. When you are ready, share it with the flanges that you are going to use, smearing the bottom and the walls of these well.


Now, you just have to pour the flan mixture into the molds and put them in the oven. You must bake it at a temperature of 190ºC and following the technique in the water bath for at least 1 hour. After this time, check with the help of a toothpick if the flan is ready, you will know if by pricking and removing it, the stick comes out completely clean.


Finally, let the vanilla and chocolate flan cool down andvoilà!, you will be ready to serve and taste.

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