How to organize a wine tasting


Organize a wine tasting It can be a fun experience to enjoy among friends, and a good excuse to share a good time with our loved ones. It is not necessary to be a professional taster or a sommelier to organize a wine tasting because, whatever level you have, you can always Learn something, although at a glance organize a wine tasting It may seem complicated, the most important thing is the desire to have fun and, as always, choose the best company. And don't forget to buy wine! Would you like to surprise your friends with a tasting? If you want to organize a wine tasting, these are the steps you must follow:

You will need to:
  • 1 bottle of each wine for every 6 people
  • Corkscrew
  • Decanter for wines that need it
  • Drip ring
  • 1 Tasting kit per guest (cups, napkins, paper and pencil)
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Whether tasting with friends or business, try to have it ready some food for later, according to the time of day: dinner, snack, ... So you can relax after the tasting and take the opportunity to comment on the things that have arisen during the session.


Take care of them details: decoration, invitations, napkins and even the right glasses will help you present the tasting in a more pleasant way.


Choose a tasting theme: Rioja wine (For example, we recommend Viña Tondonia Reserva 2001), sweet wines, aging wines, ... This way you will avoid dispersing the interest of your guests, and it will be easier to prepare it.


If you want to organize a professional tasting, have a professional to guide you when it comes to choose the wines, and ask him to tell you about them. That is especially useful if you are going to be the one to lead the tasting.


It is convenient that you have the wines that you are going to taste in a horizontal position, at least, 48 hours before the tasting, so that they rest, and at the operating temperature. This way you will avoid having to cool the wine at the last minute and that it is not in the best conditions.


Prepare the material in advance: the right glasses, wines (if you have to open them in time), and wine service accessories, such as corkscrews or decanters.


Prepare a tasting kit for your guests A tasting kit is for guests to taste and write down their impressions, and consists of cups, napkins, pencil and sheets. You can also complete it with some small files on the wines you are tasting. That way they can check the information, or take it home.


The best option is to serve each wine in a different glass, so that they can be compared. But if you have only one glass per person, rinse it between wine and wine, and rinse it later with the wine you are going to serve (this is called envy).


The wines must be tasted according to their potency of aromas: the softest first and the most powerful at the end. So the smell is not saturated. Between wine and wine take the opportunity to explain something about the wine that you have tasted, or which you will taste next. This gives a breath to the nose, and you will be ready for the next wine.


When you are finished, make the tasted wines available to the participants, so they can repeat, or exchange the order. So they can decide what wine did you like best, and finish with a good taste in your mouth.


Finish the tasting with a gift: it can already be the pairing, a corkscrew, a bottle that you have tasted or the wine tasting note. You will become the perfect organizer of wine tastings!

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  • If the guests have no experience with wine, at first they will feel insecure. Try to prepare a good explanation to give them time to let go.
  • Not all guests at a wine tasting have to know about wines. Try to be clear and use simple words so that everyone understands you.