How to keep fresh lemons


Keeping food fresh for a longer time is something that is sometimes complicated, since an inadequate temperature or some moisture can easily spoil them in a few days. One of the citrus fruits that has more presence in our home due to its great versatility is lemon, but it is a food that quickly spoils if it is not maintained in optimal conditions.

In fact, this citrus can be in normal environmental conditions and maintained for about two weeks, but it is possible to keep them so that they remain fresh for longer. If you want to know some techniques for preserving lemons in good condition for a few more weeks, read this article and discover step by step how to keep fresh lemons.

You will need to:
  • Fresh lemons
  • Zippered bags
  • Refrigerator or freezer
  • Squeezer
  • Ice bucket
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What lemons can be preserved well

To start knowing how to conserve fresh lemons for longerIt is important to keep in mind that you should buy lemons with a minimum quality and that they are still in perfect condition. This means that we must choose lemons that are still somewhat hard and have a clean yellow color, without marks. Therefore, when buying this citrus fruit if you plan to store it for several weeks, discard the pieces that are very ripe or somewhat damaged.

These tips to keep lemons fresh also serve other citrus fruits, such as limes and oranges. So if you want to keep as much time as possible in good condition any citrus fruit you can apply the techniques you will find in the following lines.

How to keep whole fresh lemons

When you have chosen the lemons, you must decide if you are going to use them within two weeks at the most or, if you prefer to keep them and continue fresh up to 5 weeks After having bought them.

If what you need is keep fresh lemons for several weeks Then you just have to follow these simple instructions and, thus, you can enjoy this extraordinary fruit at the time you need it most without worrying about its state:

  1. To know how to store lemons so that they don't rot, first wash them well to remove all possible accumulated dirt.
  2. Dry them with paper towels to make sure there is no water left, as excess moisture will cause the lemon to spoil quickly.
  3. Store several fresh and clean lemons in an airtight or zip closure bag or in a lunchbox or tupper also with airtight closure. It is more advisable to use bags because they are more adaptable and then store them well in the fridge.
  4. Do not overfill the bag because if the forces can break, it is better that if you have enough lemons that you want to keep use several bags.
  5. Make sure the bag or tupper is tightly closed and store it in the fridge. It is important that you do not place things on top of lemons to prevent them from hitting and spoiling.
  6. In addition, if your refrigerator has enough power it is preferable that you store the lemons in a drawer and as close as possible to the door, to avoid touching the bottom of the refrigerator as a part of them could easily freeze.
  7. A good idea is that in each bag you put a label that indicates the date you bought the lemons and saved them so that you can know exactly the time left until they start to break down.
  8. Now you can enjoy fresh, well-preserved lemons when you need them most.

It is not a good idea that you want to keep the lemons in the fridge without first storing them in a bag that protects them properly, if you do it without a bag or tupper the result will be that in a few days the lemons will have become dehydrated, that is, dried and spoiled losing virtually all the properties of lemon.

How to preserve fresh lemon juice

Now that you know how to keep fresh lemons, what may interest you sometimes is its juice. If so, pay attention, because there is another form of power keep the juice of fresh lemons indefinitely. It is that as soon as you buy and clean them, follow these steps to keep the lemon juice in perfect condition:

  1. Once you have clean fresh lemons, cut them in half and with a juicer extract your juice.
  2. A couple of tricks to extract the maximum juice from these citrus fruits: first hit them a little before cutting them so that the segments are released a little and it is easier for the juice to come out. Second, put the lemon in hot water for 5 minutes before squeezing it.
  3. When you have all the fresh lemon juice you want to keep in good condition, take a bucket or ice maker and pour the juice into it, taking care not to overflow it.
  4. Store the buckets with the juice of this citrus in the freezer as straight as possible to prevent spillage until it freezes.
  5. With this simple trick, you can enjoy fresh lemon ice whenever you need them, either to accompany a glass of fresh water or to make a good lemonade among other things.

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