How to make a perfect Fernet with Coca


The Fernet with coca It is the most popular drink in Argentina and one of the most popular in Italy. It is no accident since in these two countries there are the factories of the brand that, according to several experts is the best of all: Fernet Branca.

This article is not intended to be an advertisement for Fernet Branca, much less Coca Cola, in fact, there are very good Fernets such as the Fernet 1882 that, in my opinion, very rich, perhaps a tad less than Branca, but if you can't get the best, it's an excellent alternative. The curious thing about this Fernet is that it is strangely rich if it is mixed with Pepsi, which does not happen with Branca (In fact, many Fernet fans consider it a sacrilege to take Fernet with Pepsi, they are warned).

But let's get to the point: today I will explain how to prepare a Fernet with perfect Coca. Yes, perfect. While making a fernet with coca is relatively simple, there are small details that separate a common and wild fernet from a glorious fernet, worthy of being prepared by the angels. If you want yours to be the latter, follow that I explain.

You will need to:
  • Fernet Branca (or 1882 failing)
  • Coca Cola (cold if possible and with gas)
  • Ice
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As you noted in the list, there are 3 things you should consider moving.

  • Coca must be cold, because if you put hot Coca the gas that generates the thermal shock with the ice generates too much foam and the drink is then, just, without gas because it left as soon as you put the coca. It is not necessary that the Coca is frozen, but if cold, of refrigerator.
  • The Fernet must be at room temperature. If you put it in the refrigerator everything will be cold, which will generate less thermal shock and therefore, very little foam. Putting it in a cool and dry place is enough.
  • It is key that the ice has consistency and don't be one of those "freezer hielitos." The best thing that could happen to you to prepare the perfect fernet is to have one of those ice-making buckets that resemble those obtained at service stations, like the one I used in this guide.


The perfect fernet carries a lot of ice. It may not be the best if you are served in a bar or disco (Some abuse ice and use finite cups, which generates that at the end of 280CC only carry 120 / 130CC of liquid, I know because it works as a bartender) but if you take it at home, put ice on it because ... the fernet must be taken very cold and the more ice you have - added to the cold Coca - Less will melt.

My ideal is 4 or 5 ice, and obviously, a large glass.

Once with the glass full of ice, let's go to the preparation of such a tasty drink.

The big key: the amount of fernet

We reach such a controversial point. The amount of fernet is essential. Many say "it's Fernet with Coca, so you should take more Fernet than Coca" and on a philosophical level they may be right but the truth is that Ideally, the amount of Fernet in the glass should be between 20% and 50%.

To my knowledge, and with years of experience behind a bar serving Fernet, the ideal for someone who starts drinking is to start between 20 and 25% of Fernet. This means that the person's palate does not feel "invaded" by the bitterness of the drink and can begin to enjoy it accordingly. Then, when one begins to enjoy all the tones that the fernet has next to its aroma the perfect amount should be between 30% and 40%. Although there are people who literally honor the drink and take "50 and 50".

As the picture shows, There are some people who put more Fernet than Coca in the drink and I really don't know why (although I suppose it is because it is the Argentine province with the highest per capita consumption away from Fernet) that most of them are from Cordoba. It is not a coincidence, it is a fact and if one day you have to prepare a fernet to a friend from Cordoba, at least you must make it "miti and miti" because otherwise you are going to eat a nice one worn out.

Then it will remain to place the coca. You have to put it little by little, but not too slow. The key is to see how the foam is forming. If it fills with foam very quickly, just lift the glass and place it at an angle, supporting the peak of the bottle so that Coca falls very smoothly.

If on the contrary you see that it is not foaming, you will have to move the bottle away so that Coca falls more strongly. It takes time and skill, but it is also key.

The ultimate secret to the perfect fernet

The fernet should not be beaten, since in doing so you take a lot of gas out of Coca. That is why there is a little secret for our palate to feel the taste of the fernet when you start taking it and it is add a little trickle of fernet. This also "stops" the growth of the foam if for some reason it is rising too much. "

Let's drink!!

Well, there it is, now you know how to make a perfect Fernet with Coca.

Now I'm going to take it, until next time, but first ...

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