How to make eggs Benedictine



The Benedictine eggs, also known as Benedictine eggs In Spanish, they are an excellent alternative for breakfast in a delicious, special way and above all very different! It is a plate of poached eggs on a bread or English muffin accompanied by bacon or ham and hollandaise sauce.

But what if it causes you to eat this complete dish at home and not in a restaurant? we offer this classic recipe for those who prefer to have a treat without leaving home, discover how to make eggs Benedictine Step by Step.

30 minutes Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • One or two eggs per diner
  • 1 slice of sliced ​​bread or a soft round English muffin bread per diner
  • Ham or bacon
  • 3 egg yolks for hollandaise sauce
  • 250 gr of butter
  • Lemon juice
  • salt, pepper and nutmeg
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There are two keys to do Benedictine eggs Delicious: choose fresh eggs and make a good hollandaise sauce.

To start with the sauce you must melt the 250 gr of butter over low heat and without stirring. Remove the foam that forms on the butter and once it is melted, separate the lighter liquid portion, which will be the one you will use for your hollandaise sauce.


Mix the three egg yolks with a little water, add the salt and stir as if you were making scrambled eggs. Add a little salt and pepper. Transfer this mixture to a small pot, because the next step is to make a water bath so that the eggs of your hollandaise sauce are cooked.


Once the pot with the egg yolks is in the water bath over low heat, stir constantly until they thickened. Gradually add the butter and continue beating.

Once a sauce with the thickness you want has formed, turn off the heat, add a spoon of lemon juice, stir, taste and season to your liking. Reserve the hollandaise sauce of your Benedictine eggs and continue with the preparation of this rich recipe.


The next step is very simple, it consists of poaching the eggs. In our article how to make poche eggs you will find the step by step for this simple task.


Your Benedictine eggs They are almost ready, you just need to brown the bacon or York ham, toast a little bread or English muffins, on which you must add the bacon or York and then the poached egg.

Serve over the hollandaise sauce, pepper and go! You can already enjoy your delicious Benecditine eggs, enjoy your meal.

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