How to make poche eggs



The poached eggs or poached eggs They are a very easy and economical recipe that will help you get a dish with pleasure. It will serve you to accompany stews, salads and all kinds of food, besides filling them with an exquisite flavor. Follow the advice of and you will get Cook the best poche eggs.

Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • 1 egg
  • Water
  • Salt
  • vianagre or lemon
  • the spices you want
You will need to:
  • Fire
  • Saucepan
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First, put boil in boiling water an egg, in the traditional way as if it were hard boiled eggs. Bring it to a boil over low heat and when you consider that it has been done inside, in addition to being consistent, remove it.


Wait for it to cool a little and when you have it at a temperature that does not burn your hands, remove the peel and leave it completely peeled.


Put boil a mixture of lemon and water O well, of vinegar and water, as you prefer and as you like for the flavor you want to give your eggs poche.


Introduce the egg and let it go slowly under the mixture. Help yourself with a small spoon to penetrate its center, in the area where the yolk is found. Make a hole with the spoon in it, slowly and in circles, so that the egg does not break and is round.


Make the mixture in which you have introduced the egg I bathed him, in his heart, So that it tastes inside. Let it rest and soak it well.


You have another option that consists of the shellless egg roll it on a transparent paper accompanied by the spices you want, with a cut in the center where these spices will go. Boil it with water and let it stand until it softens. A new, simple way.

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  • Be aware of the cooking time of the egg.