How to make meringue sighs


One of the meringue desserts Most popular among sweet lovers is the sigh. One of the many advantages of serving this rising star-shaped custard is its small size, since it allows us to enjoy it several times and not get tired of its sweet taste. Making them at home is very simple, keep reading this article and discover the steps to make meringue sighs and surprise your guests with this colorful dessert.

1 hour Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • 5 egg whites
  • 1 cup and ¾ sugar
  • A spoonful of vanilla essence
  • a pinch of salt
  • Food coloring
You will need to:
  • Electric rods
  • Bols
  • Pan
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The first thing we are going to do before we start with the recipe of meringue sighs is to preheat the oven to 100 ° C and line a tray with baking paper, the tray will leave it out. Then, prepare all the ingredients. If you want the meringue to be sweeter, use icing sugar and follow the instructions in this recipe for making meringue. But, if you want the result to be a softer meringue, you can use common sugar or both types of sweeteners in equal parts.


In this recipe we will teach you how to make some meringue sighs with common sugar. To do this, fill out a pot with water and bring to a boil. In a separate bowl, and larger than the pot, introduce the egg whites and sugar. Remember that, if you wish, you can use half of common sugar and half of icing sugar.


When the water is boiling, place the bowl with the sugar and the whites on it and beat it all with some manual rods strongly. You must beat until the sugar has completely dissolved and the whites are beginning to acquire the snow point. You must do this for 5 minutes.

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Once the sugar is dissolved, to make the meringue remove the container from the pot and start beating with electric rods at medium speed You should beat for approximately 10 minutes, until the mixture acquires the consistent texture of the meringue. The more consistent it is, the easier it will be to work with the pastry bag. While you bat, introduce the essence of vanilla and the pinch of salt, so we will give a touch of flavor to our sighs.

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Now, it's time to give them color. To do this, separate the meringue into several containers, one bowl per color. It is advisable that you use a gel dye, since the liquid could liquefy the meringue. Start by entering a little and increase the amount depending on the hue you want to achieve. To mix the dye with the meringue you can do it by beating a little more with the electric rods at low speed or with a spatula manually making enveloping movements.

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To make the sighs you will need a pastry bag and a open star nozzle. Insert the meringue into the sleeve and press down and you can make small sighs. Make them directly on the baking sheet. Do them from the inside out and ascendingly. When you reach the point of the sigh, press down and then lift the tip to create the peak. So that the colors do not mix clean the sleeve when you change tone or use another.

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When you have a full tray, put it in the oven and bake the sighs for an hour. After time, let them cool completely and remove them from the tray. As you can see, making meringue sighs is very simple and the result is a delicious dessert. If you are a meringue lover, do not miss our article on how to make meringue strudel.

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  • When preparing the meringue, you must be patient to get the egg whites to the right texture.